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Zinelli Fabiana

As the company’s legal representative, she is responsible for organising the corporate strategy, in addition to managing human resources, industrial relations and communication. She is in charge of assisting client companies with regard to sales policies, the marketing and distribution of products and services, market research activities, and carrying out feasibility and economic and financial sustainability studies.

Zinelli Valentina

Specialising in European planning, the European Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme, and planning with Structural Funds, she provides support in the field of EU planning and opportunities tied to European direct funding and Structural Funds. She is thus able to help individuals and businesses to participate in the initiatives and programmes promoted by the EU, assisting with documentary research and identifying EU, national and regional calls for tenders, as well as researching the relevant information and regulations.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Gain experience with established European entrepreneurs.

By taking part in the Erasmus European exchange programme for entrepreneurs, you can acquire all the necessary skills to start or run your small business. How does it work? Established European entrepreneurs host young entrepreneurs in their workplace for 1 to 6 months, encouraging the sharing of experiences and business ideas.

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