Dare Futuro

The value of tailor-made solutions.

“Dare Futuro” means making your vision a reality, bringing a sense of continuity and security to every project. Since 2010, we have specialised in EU planning and European funding opportunities. Reach out for more information!

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Our goal

We give your plans the future they deserve.

Dare Futuro was created to identify ad hoc solutions and ensure that each project meets the customer’s needs. Our main objective is to find every possible strategy and opportunity to reduce business costs. Working on both the national and international levels, we operate in the field of EU planning, exploring opportunities tied to European funds and the Structural Funds managed by specific ministries and regions.

Discover all our services

From calls for tenders to strategy development.

Documentary research and calls for tenders

Having identified a call for tenders, we research the relevant information and regulations, in addition to checking the requirements.

Monitoring of funded projects and activities

We oversee documentation and monitor projects and activities financed by:

State aid and de minimis aid

We confirm compliance with the regulations regarding state aid and de minimis aid.

Analyses and feasibility studies

With regard to indirect funding, we handle the analysis process and carry out feasibility studies for participation in the project.

Our customers

Our most recent clients include:

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Have you been an entrepreneur for less than 3 years? Grow with us.

By taking part in the Erasmus European exchange programme for entrepreneurs, you can acquire all the necessary skills to start or run your small business. How does it work? Established European entrepreneurs host young entrepreneurs in their workplace for 1 to 6 months, encouraging the sharing of experiences and business ideas.

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